• Managed large volume consolidated PSAPs in four states.
  • Served as a fire officer in three states.
  • Managed the first PSAP to receive CALEA Accreditation in TN and NC.
  • Planned and created the largest land area 9-1-1 system in Illinois.
  • Planned communications for Nuclear Plant management and warning.
  • Helped create statewide 9-1-1 standards in New York and North Carolina.
  • ​Helped update CALEA communications standards.
  • ​Oversaw wholesale technology changes while maintaining live operations.
  • Planned physical plant renovations, repurposing, and replacement.
  • APCO Life and Senior Member.
  • APCO 2002 Conference Chair Nashville.
  • Served/chaired numerous APCO committees including Homeland Security.
  • Co-chair APCO Emerging Technology Committee
  • APCO 2001 Presidents Award - Two time TN Director of the Year.
  • Published more than 250 articles in national public safety journals.
  • Contributing Editor, Firehouse Magazine.
  • Management columnist, 9-1-1Magazine.com.
  • Web team, FirefighterCloseCalls.com.
  • Authored chapters in the 2003 release of The Fire Chief’s Handbook and 2014 release of the National EMS Management Association Managing Ambulance Services text.  
  • Provided consultant services and training to a wide variety of clients, including local, state, and foreign governments and the US Military.
  • ​Presenter at more than sixty professional conferences.
  • Produced training programs used by governments, institutions, private sector firms, and professional associations. 
  • Directed center named one of 10 best 9-1-1 call centers in the US!
  • ​Only 9-1-1 director named to Firehouse Hall of Fame.

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