Annual Reports‚Äč

If you've come here from my e-book, thanks again for buying it. I hope you get something useful from it to help you cope with the daily challenges of dispatch.

This link contains a copy of one of my annual reports. No matter what size your agency, it's good to have one - especially in an e format - that you can readily distribute to anyone who is interested. And if they're not interested, then a good annual report may just help them change their minds.

You agency does a lot of great work during the year, but much of it goes unnoticed. A carefully crafted document can inform municipal leaders and citizens alike how much you really do.

Do a little homework. Find out where your budget approvers interest lies. Make sure that these points are highlighted in your text. Get good pictures. Provide compelling stories. Add charts and graphs if needed to condense key points.

But whoever and wherever you are, just do it!

You might even impress yourself.