A silly title for a course, with some very serious content! The Supervisor/Manager Intensive Learning Experience is just that. A day long session immersed in gaining a better understanding of the real-world challenges facing our profession. Using his more than one half century of public safety experience, Barry takes you to places they never talked about in theoretical management classes, and fills in all those important blanks left by traditional programs. Come prepared to work. Leave a better leader.  


Ever feel like work is filled with Kryptonite? Does your schedule demand that you are faster than a speeding bullet, but don't quite think you could jump over much of anything in a single bound? Then this class if for you. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or newly promoted and trying to avoid STDs (Supervisor Transition Diseases) there's something for everyone here. Barry Furey has been a telecommunicator, shift supervisor, and has managed four multi-agency communications centers. Let his 50 year's of experience help you get through your day.

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Controlling Chaos

Regardless of the challenge, team 9-1-1 is expected to keep it under control. In fact, the more severe the situation, the greater the reliance placed upon telecommunicators, supervisors and managers to assist in a successful solution. This seminar deals directly with Active Shooters, Mass Casualty Incidents, Firefighter Maydays, Officers Down, Hazardous Materials Releases and Severe Weather Emergencies and how to bring the chaos under control. When it's you against the world, you can't afford to let the world win.

Telecommunicator: Beyond the Basics

In the 21st. Century basic training provides nowhere near the techniques and skills required to take and dispatch calls inside an ECC. This class teaches you what life is like in the real world. Learn about dealing with difficult co-workers, and the challenges that Next Generation 9-1-1 will bring. Discuss actual cases where social media was abused, and better understand why telecommunicators are fighting for recognition. See how swatting, sovereign citizens, and hate speak can all impact your day. and learn more about keeping a healthy work life balance.  

The Training Train

Is your current training program derailed? Do you feel like some of your students are left standing at the station? Then climb aboard the training train for a high-speed rail trip that will take your trainers (and their baggage!) to a happier and more productive place.  Learn the critical errors made by most agencies that uncouple progress and how to get back on track. Even if you're starting with an iron horse, with the proper planning and resources, you can lay the rails to convert your program to a bullet train.

All courses can be delivered to a general audience, or tailored to a specific department or branch such as law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical services.

Don't have time for a full day session? Ask about half day and two hour presentations.

Due to COVID-19, all training is being provided interactively, on line at the present time.

Customized programs for use on-demand in house are also available.

These are just some of our offerings!

PSAP Planning and Dispatch Design

Before you even talk to an architect, talk to someone who has budgeted, planned, and designed PSAP and EOC renovations, stand-alone facilities, and repurposed existing structures into state-of-the art public safety command and control operations. Learn what the standards really say, and find out about some standards you likely didn't know were out there; where you can economize, where your money needs to be spent, and how to avoid common mistakes that can make your facility obsolete before you move in.

Solving the Puzzle

The three "Rs" that impact telecommunications are not Reading 'Riting or 'Rithmetic, nor are they Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. Recruit, Reward and Retain are our keywords, and they never have been more important. See what strategies help to make agencies a success, and how you can slow the revolving door of telecommunicator turnover.

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9-1-1 for 9-1-1: First Aid for the First First Responder

Are you burned up by burnout? Do you suffer whiplash from watching the terrible turnstile of turnover? Are your ears assaulted by a constant chorus of complaints? Then come get cured! Designed for students of all ranks and experience, this course covers a wide variety of dispatch diseases, and looks at ways to prevent and eradicate them. Using real life examples, and a highly interactive approach, participants learn how to identify common infections that plague our profession, and how they can protect themselves from being the next victim. Among the topics covered are Taking the Burn out of Burnout, Millennial Malaise, Treating Old Timers’ Disease, You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Work Here- We’ll Train You, Tying a Tourniquet on Turnover, EMD (Everyone Makes a Difference) for the PSAP, and You Can’t Save Them All.

Fire and Furey

Barry Furey has fifty year's worth of service on both sides of the microphone. Let him teach you what he's learned in that half century! Learn why LODD is a four letter word, how fire communications needs to pass the critical TEST of Technology, Employees, Standards, and Training, and how "the first golden minutes" of communicating can make or break an entire operation.  Book a day of training with this APCO Life Member and Firehouse Magazine Hall of Fame inductee.