PSAP Planning and Dispatch Design

Before you even talk to an architect, talk to someone who has budgeted, planned, and designed PSAP and EOC renovations, stand-alone facilities, and repurposed existing structures into state-of-the art public safety command and control operations. Learn what the standards really say, and find out about some standards you likely didn't know were out there; where you can economize, where your money needs to be spent, and how to avoid common mistakes that can make your facility obsolete before you move in.

Controlling Chaos

Regardless of the challenge, team 9-1-1 is expected to keep it under control. In fact, the more severe the situation, the greater the reliance placed upon telecommunicators, supervisors and managers to assist in a successful solution. This seminar deals directly with Active Shooters, Mass Casualty Incidents, Firefighter Maydays, Officers Down, Hazardous Materials Releases and Severe Weather Emergencies and how to bring the chaos under control. When it's you against the world, you can't afford to let the world win.

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9-1-1 for 9-1-1: First Aid for the First First Responder

Are you burned up by burnout? Do you suffer whiplash from watching the terrible turnstile of turnover? Are your ears assaulted by a constant chorus of complaints? Then come get cured! Designed for students of all ranks and experience, this course covers a wide variety of dispatch diseases, and looks at ways to prevent and eradicate them. Using real life examples, and a highly interactive approach, participants learn how to identify common infections that plague our profession, and how they can protect themselves from being the next victim. Among the topics covered are Taking the Burn out of Burnout, Millennial Malaise, Treating Old Timers’ Disease, You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Work Here- We’ll Train You, Tying a Tourniquet on Turnover, EMD (Everyone Makes a Difference) for the PSAP, and You Can’t Save Them All.