Appletown, WI - Pearce Mfg. announced today a single apparatus solution with many applications. Known as the Station on Wheels™ (SOW), it is designed to eliminate the need for costly land acquisition and architectural design fees by literally bringing the station to the fire. Equipped with a 1500 GPM rear mounted pump and sleeping six, the unit may be placed anywhere in town in order to better handle predictive fire response. It can even be moved out of harms way during flooding and other events, giving it numerous advantages over fixed assets. And, because you don’t have to drive back to quarters after an alarm, the time taken to return to service is drastically reduced.

All firefighting compartments are enclosed, including the patented Swift Access Locker Trunks™ (SALT) designed to isolate gear from the living quarters. Inside, it offers all the features required for habituating a crew, including satellite television, bunks, and a kitchen. It has also been touted as environmentally friendly, recycling grey water into the booster tank. “Clear, grey, or yellow,” said a spokesperson. “The only thing the fire cares about is if it’s wet.”

The SOW™ has also been advertised as a tool for both volunteer and career departments. If stationed in a Walmart lot, for example, it solves the problem of parking for the on-duty shift, as well as eliminating wasteful grocery runs. Need some ground beef for dinner? Just walk to the grocery department instead of rolling a rig and taking up fire zone parking spots needed by other shoppers. Similarly, placing the SOW™ thusly for volunteers increases the chance that many are already there anyway completing honey-do lists. In addition, the SOW™ solves the age-old issue of volunteers responding in their private vehicles.  Because it is classed as a fire apparatus, the SOW™ can follow a GPS route using lights and sirens to pick up firefighters at home or work. Using the patented UGER smart-phone ap (Urgently Gathering Emergency Responders) the SOW™ picks up available personnel in the most efficient order possible before rushing to the scene.

Anticipating success of this model, a long line of the SOW series is planned. Included here are the 5th wheel driven city version designated the “U-SOW™” or Urban Station on Wheels™. The articulated chassis allows for easy navigation of congested narrow streets.  The “A-SOW™” all-wheel drive version is currently on the drawing boards for those having weather or urban-wildland interface concerns. Knowing the lack of staffing currently impacting agencies nationwide, a smaller unit is rumored to be on the drawing board, including a self-driving option in partnership with Telsa.  This will be augmented with two other mini-offerings using conventional pumps or CAFS, completing the line to be known affectionately as the “Three Little Pigs.”